Audio Engineer / Producer
Audio Engineer / Producer
Timothy J. Zick Audio Engineer / Producer
 Timothy J. ZickAudio Engineer / Producer


This video is a live, in studio, album recording for the album "Can't Sit Still" from Blues House and the Rent To Own Horns.  I recorded and mixed the album and provided the mix for this video production.  This album was recorded live, no headphones, no click tracks, no studio magic.  The recording happened just as you see it in this video, complete with a few special guests around the room enjoying drinks and the music.

For this video I operated one of the cameras used to capture the event, I edited and color corrected the video. I created all motion graphics for the video and produced all final video file formats for distribution.  I set up the audio record and mixed the final audio for video.



I was interviewed in September of 2022 for an industry piece by Paul Gutierrez of the local Fox 42 news station.  I was honored to be selected for the story and to give my insights into the industry.



I donated my services as recording and mix engineer to this very important project.  Besides getting to work with some outstanding musicians to create the music for this video, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met and spent time with some amazing men and women who proudly served our country.  Please make sure to follow the link in this video and make a donation to this important fundraising project.



For this video I recorded and mixed the audio.  I approved video edits, I created visual effects, color corrected the video and produced the final video file formats for distribution.



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