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Audio Engineer / Producer
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It Was An All-Star Country Weekend

June 17, 2019


It was definitely an All-Star Country Music weekend for me this Father's day.  On the 14th I had the pleasure of providing tech support for Marty Stewart and His Fabulous Superlatives.  What a great show they put on, this is simply how it is done and a great bunch of guys to spend the day with to boot.  This show also gave me the opportunity to mix an amazing Omaha act Clarence Tilton.  These guys are awesome and were an absolute pleasure to mix.  I look forward to working wit them again soon.  If you haven't checked them out, you need to.

Clarence Tilton band

Tim Zick's view of the stage from monitor world for Leroy Van Dyke

On the 15th, I was in Sloan IA at the Winnevegas Casino to provide tech support for Bill Anderson and to mix monitors for Leroy Van Dyke.  Both of these gentleman are legends in country music and were a pleasure to work with.  They are consumate professionals who give their audience what they want and do it with a style and grace that we don't get to see very often these days.  Thanks to both of these gentleman for allowing me to help them put on a great show.

Congratulations To Colton Le Bleu On The Release Of His New Single

June 13, 2019


Colton has pushed the boundaries with this tune.  Originally written in 1927 he made his own version of the blues classic “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” by Blind Lemon Jefferson.  It was a very fun song to work on and Colton even let me play some drums for him on this one.  Out now everywhere. Go stream it, or download it.  You will be glad you did.


Spotify   iTunes

Baby It's Cold Outside...

February 6, 2019


While the Midwest has been hit with cold temperatures and snowy conditions, we have been keeping it hot and exciting in the studio. This week I had the privilege of spending a couple of days in the studio with good friends and local band Peace, Love, ETC.  We were at Rainbow Recording Studios in Omaha, NE tracking some original material for an upcoming release.  We took advantage of quite a bit of the vintage analog equipmet the studio has to offer in order to achieve a full and rich tone for the recordings.  Keep your eyes open for the upcoming release.  This is some great music, you won't want to miss it.

Pictured left to right: Timothy Zick / recording engineer, John "JR" Rogers / singer and songwriter Peace, Love, ETC. and Nils Erickson / Studio Owner

Congratulations Colton Le Bleu 

February 1, 2019


Congratulations to my good friend and recording artist Colton Le Bleu on his latest release "Been Through Some".  I enjoy every session with Colton as he truely grows and learns with each mix session.  His song writing and arranging continue to get better. Keep an eye out for this guy.  He is working hard and making some great music.  You can find all of Colton's releases on Spotify and iTunes.

The Vibe Is Alive At Rainbow 

Tim Zick in the control room at Rainbow Recording working on cable runs

The month of October has been an exciting one in terms of studio work.  During the month I have been working with Nils Erickson, the owner of Rainbow Recording in Omaha, NE.  Nils is a long time friend and supporter of the Omaha music scene.  We finally quick talking about it and jumped right into some studio updates and reconfigurations.  Our make over project started with rewiring the control room and cleaning up the racks full of amazing vintage analog equipment.  The end goal was to end up with an easy to use and efficient hybrid recording space that provided the flexibility to use all of the vintage outboard hardware and tape machines, record directly into ProTools and mix in the box, or any creative combination of analog and digital.  Over the years a number of top bands and recording artists have spent time at Rainbow and you can feel it as soon as you walk into the control room...some special things have happened here.  With all of the racks cleaned up and hardware in full working order, updates moved on to cleaning up the microphones and mic lockers, refinishing the parquet flooring, updating the lighting in the control room and ISO booth and just some genreral clean up and organization of cables, adapters, headphones and more.

Besides the hardware and 2"analog 24-track that sit to the left of the console, there are two seven foot tall racks full of rare and special mic pre's, compressors and EQ's.  The photo to the right is just a small sample of the hardware that is racked up and ready to use on every session at Ranbow Recording.  As the photo below shows, we didn't wait long to jump right in and start making some wonderfull recordings in the recently updated control room and ISO booth.  Work continues as time between session allows on the large tracking room and bringing more of the amazing vintage equipment on-line and ready for use.  The vibe is definitely alive and great things are expected for the future of Rainbow Recording.

            Congratulations                  Shelly and Robert Conn

On February 27th, 2018 word went out that the CD's have arrived.  It was my pleasure to have Shelly and Robert in the studio to record the vocals and work on the final mixes for the new release, All That You Are.  I had a wonderful time working with both Shelly and Robert.  This album is full of inspiration, check it out now.  You can preview the album and get more information about Shelly on her website at:


You can get your copy of the album on iTunes and Amazon.

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Dee Dee Bridgewater and Memphis Soulphony / La Cigale 11-08-17

On November 8th, 2017 I was on tour with Dee Dee Bridgewater in Paris France.  That night we recorded our performance at La Cigale for ARTE.  ARTE offers high-quality programmes to 70% of Europeans in their own language.  As the European Culture Channel, ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together. Since its creation in 1991, ARTE stands for cultural diversity and multilingualism. ARTE uncovers new talent, encourages artistic creativity, and preserves and promotes Europe’s cultural heritage.   On December 8th and 9th I was in the studio to mix the audio master for the finished video release.  It was an honor to be asked to mix the final audio master.  The dealine was tight and there were some technical hurdles to clear, but in the end a quality product was delivered to ARTE.  The video is currently playing on the ARTE website and there will also be 2 television broadcasts of the performance.  Congratulations to Dee Dee Bridgewater and her band for deliviering an exhilerating performance and congratulations to the entire production team for a job well done.

The photo at the right shows me at FOH.  I'm there at the bottom of the shot in the middle, just in front of the balcony, below the lighting tech, peering over the audience struggling to keep an eye on the stage.

To the left is a shot of the audio and video crew getting ready for show start.  Below is a picture of FOH pre show.  Tight quaters for mixing that night as we had to make room for a camera.

More New Music On The Way

Control Room at DSS Recording Studios Bennington, NE

November 1, 2017 found me in the studio putting the final touches on 6 new songs from Leeward before sending final mixes off to mastering.  It was an absolute pleasure working with such a dedicated artist.  Over the summer and early fall we recorded drums, guitars and vocals; then wrapped up mixing in early November.  Look for the relase of the new EP from Leeward on-line.  I am looking forward to working with him on his next project.

In Control Room Final Mix Day

Fall / Winter Tour 2016

Sound Check Palais Montcalm Quebec City

Once again I had the honor and privilege to mix FOH for Jazz legend Dee Dee Bridgewater on her fall/winter 2016 tour.  The schedule was grueling and we didn't get much sleep, but the shows were amazing and the people we met and worked with were simply the best.

Press Time Dee Dee Bridgewater Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

The tour kicked off in the U.S. with a show at The Wolf trap in Vienna, VA; then off to St. Chamond France and on to exciting stops in Pohang South Korea, Beijing China, Yerevan Armenia, Stockholm Sweden and London UK before heading back to the states to catch the Transatlantic Blue Note Cruise aboard the Queen Mary II.

FOH Mix Position Le Quattro Gap France
View from FOH Jack Singer Concert Hall Calgary Canada
FOH The Smith Center Las Vegas

The tour continued on in November with stops throughout Italy before we made our way back to Canada and finally wrapping up with 2 shows at The Smith Center in Las Vegas.

Summer Concert Festivals 2016

Foggia, Italy

The 2016 summer concert season is upon us and I once again had the privilidge to travel to Europe and mix FOH for Dee Dee Bridgewater.  We started the tour in Foggia, Italy where Dee Dee performed with a local big band at an evening concert held in a small town square.  From Italy we were off to Penedes, Spain where we met up with Theo Croker and his band Dark Funk who performed with Dee Dee for the rest of the tour.

Penedes, Spain

The tour included stops in Denmark, Romania and France.  In France we were reunited with friends Thierry Eliez and Thomas Bramerie for a special one night only performance at the Saveurs Jazz Festival.  It was a special evening to be with friends I have not seen since our tour together in 1998.

(L-R) Tim Zick, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Thierry Eliez, Thomas Bramerie & Andre Ceccarelli
Timisoara, Romania
FOH Mix Position Casa Del Jazz

The tour wrapped up with an amazing concert at Casa del Jazz in Rome Italy.  It was a fitting end to a fast paced and adventuresome tour.


February 21, 2016

Had the privilege to mix FOH for Dee Dee Bridgewater, Theo Croker and Theo's band Dark Funk at the recently opened Blue Note Hawaii.  What a wonderful venue for live music, the staff is exceptional and the location is unbeatable.  This is definitely one spot that needs to be on your bucket list.

Load in & sound check Blue Note
Tim Zick FOH final show Blue Note

Well Worth The Jet Lag

September 14, 2015


Had the chance to do a quick one off show in Italy last week with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and Dee Dee Bridgewater.  Great group of artists with an amazing sound.  What a pleasure for me to mix for such a talented group.  If you have not heard it yet, definitely check out "Dee Dee's Feathers".  This album is a great collaboration with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

Live Recording Weekend

Home Team Locker Room / Control Room

June 19-20, 2015


Another weekend and another successful recording project.  I was on site at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA working with my good friends from Audio Visions.  While crew members Erik Rudd and Zeke Metcalf manned the monitor mix and front of house mix positions, I took a 48 channel input split along with some additional room mics to produce full mutli-track recordings for 6 bands.  My control room for the weekend...the men's home team locker room.

Congratulations Blue House and The Rent To Own Horns

June 12, 2015


Congratulations to the entire Blue House crew on the release of their new CD "At The Pit".
Thanks to the group for allowing me to be part of the project.  We certainly had a good time making the record and I am confident that all of your fans will thoroughly enjoy the record.  You can get you copy of "At The Pit" at the following locations:
CD Baby

Blue House and The Rent To Own Horns


On Location For A Live Recording

Sunday April 26th I was on site at the historic 40th Street Theater in Omaha, NE for a live recording session with Blue House and the Rent To Own Horns.  The theater is currently being renovated by owner John Hargiss.  Even under construction this historic space provided a great sounding and inspiring  environment for the band to perform.  Mixes are under way at 7 Times 7 Records in Omaha, NE.  Thanks to John Hargiss and his wife for being such wonderful hosts and thanks to Blue House and the Rent To Own Horns for entrusting me with this creative and exciting recording.

Blue House and The Rent To Own Horns
Mix position


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